What makes a good team great? The six characteristics of successful teams


A thriving team, on the surface, will very much like any other. But it is the things permeating underneath – the language, the modelled behaviours, the attitudes, the environment – that mark it out as different to simply a ‘good’ team.

All teams, naturally, are different. All teams, too, will be fluid and evolving structures; people come and go (including team leaders); challenges or priorities change; the dynamic constantly adjusts. To that end, creating a thriving successful is something that, as a leader, is never ‘done’ or completed.

Nevertheless, successful, thriving teams do tend to share a range of characteristics and attributes. To cultivate, share and embed these in your team is now your mission.

Thriving teams are focused on, and understand, the vision

If, as the team leader, you have successfully clearly articulated the vision – the goal, the purpose – that the team needs to be aiming for, then it stands to reason it is likely to be more focused and directed towards that.

What differentiates a team from a group of people is a clear, inspiring goal. However, this vision needs to be more than just something that matters to you or has been passed down from on high; it needs to matter to them, to be something they’re going to value and want to get right or achieve because they can see the benefit of doing so. It has to resonate and be real and achievable to them.

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